1100mm wide x 750mm high x 10mm Thick Stainless Steel Splashbacks


1100mm wide x 750mm high x 10mm Thick Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Our standard stainless steel splashbacks are manufactured from a 0.9mm thick grade 430 stainless steel. They can be easily fixed and sealed to a wall using silicone adhesive or similar and come in various thickness options with some finished and wrapped over on the face and four edges, the corners are not welded but can be for a small additional charge.

Should you require an alternative size grade or thickness please email sales@mpm-eng.co.uk for a quotation. All prices shown on these standard worktops are inclusive of VAT and delivery.

  • Installation
  • Usage

Please click here to download a pdf version of the Splashback fitting instructions (50kb).


We recommend that you leave approximately 1mm around each edge of the splashback to allow for material expansion.

Apply a suitable adhesive to the rear surface of the splashback.

Use a silicone, ‘Grip Fill’ or similar product.

Apply the splashback to the wall and push firmly to the wall to ensure a good contact between the wall and the adhesive. Always refer to the adhesive manufacturers instructions regarding the length of time required for the adhesive to cure or dry. The splashback will need to be supported during this period to ensure it does not separate from the wall.

Once the glue or adhesive is fully cured or dried, you may now remove the protective plastic coating.

  • To maintain the appearance and performance of your new stainless steel splashback, the following instructions and advice must always be followed. We will not accept products for return that have been damaged due to poor fitting or insufficient care or maintenance.


  • Prior to installation, items must be stored either flat or absolutely vertical.
  • Items must be stored at normal room temperature and humidity.
  • The plastic coating protecting the stainless steel must be undamaged and left intact until installation is completed.


  • Items should only be fitted in areas that experience normal household ranges of temperature and humidity.
  • Particular care should be taken in newly built areas to ensure a stable atmosphere. All windows/doors should be in place, plasterwork fully dry and major works completed prior to installation.


  • Chlorides such as bleach or common salt and acids of any kind can damage stainless steel surfaces. If a spillage occurs rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Metal objects that may rust should never be left in contact with stainless steel.
  • To maintain the best appearance, only use warm water and a mild detergent ensuring that the surface is rinsed thoroughly and then dried with a soft cloth.


Care must be taken when handling this product. For your safety, we recommend that hands are protected from edges and corners.