Copper Drawer Front 140mm high x 497mm wide x 19.5mm


Natural Copper Drawer Front 140mm high x 497mm wide x 19.5mm Copper drawer front with an 18mm coloured MFC core.

We also offer a made to measure service so please feel free to contact/email us with any size that falls outside our standard range.

Handle Choice: Copper effect finish.

  • Information Sheet
Information Sheet

Material: Copper C106 half hard

Copper in its natural form has a dull finish and will age and change colour over time once exposed to air. If the product has been welded and re-cleaned, this area will appear brighter and slightly different to the original new copper sheet but it will also age and change colour over time along with the rest of the door or drawer.

Although the sheets come directly from the mill, copper by its very nature is a relatively soft material and may have some minor marks, scratches and dents in it from new. Where welding has taken place there may be some minor pitting. This is quite normal and a natural by-product of the welding process and will blend in over time.


  • Prior to installation, the items must be stored flat.
  • Items must be stored at normal room temperature and humidity.


  • Items should only be fitted in areas that experience normal household ranges of temperature and humidity.
  • Particular care should be taken in newly built areas to ensure a stable atmosphere. All windows/doors should be in place, plasterwork fully dry and major works completed prior to installation.

Care and Cleaning:

  • Chlorides such as bleach or common salt and acids of any kind can damage copper surfaces. If a spillage occurs rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Polishing the surface to remove minor marks if required can be done with rubbing over the surface with wire wool or similar to achieve an overall effect.
  • To maintain the best appearance, only use warm water and a mild detergent ensuring that the surface is rinsed thoroughly and then dried with a soft cloth.

Care must be taken when handling these products. For your safety, we recommend that hands are protected from edges and corners.
For any queries regarding the above information, please contact MPM Engineering Services Ltd.