Made To Measure Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Please NOTE: Made to measure items do not have free delivery.
Delivery charges for made to measure items are shown separately on our quotation.

Made to Measure Splashbacks and Wall Cladding

To obtain a quotation for made to measure splashbacks or wall cladding please either contact/email or Tel: 01582 582811.
We offer a full templating and fitting service nationwide and can offer from 0.9mm thick upwards. Our design team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

made to measure stainless steel splashbacks Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashbacks

Bespoke Stainless Steel Kitchen Splash backs
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Construction: Grade 304 for commercial or 430 for domestic construction silicone finish brushed stainless steel. Depending on the application the stainless steel may be backed with an appropriate moisture resistant MDF. Please note that as we have FSC accreditation all timber products used within these products come from sustainable sources.

Storage of stainless steel made to measure splashbacks and wall cladding: We recommend that the plastic coating protecting the stainless steel must be left intact until installation is completed.

Fitting stainless steel made to measure splashbacks and wall cladding: Stainless steel made to measure splashbacks and wall cladding should only be fitted in areas that experience normal cooking ranges of temperature and humidity. Particular care should be taken in newly built areas to ensure a stable atmosphere. All windows/doors should be in place, plasterwork fully dried and major works completed prior to installation.

Cleaning and care for stainless steel made to measure splashbacks and wall cladding: Chlorides such as bleach or common salt and acids of any kind can damage all grades of stainless steel surfaces. If a spillage occurs rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth. Metal objects that may rust should never be left in contact with stainless steel. To maintain the best appearance of your stainless steel made to measure splashbacks and wall cladding, only use warm water and a mild detergent ensuring that the surface is rinsed thoroughly and then dried with a soft cloth.

IMPORTANT: Care should be taken when handling and installing these products. For your safety, we recommend that hands are protected from unfinished edges and corners.

Made to measure stainless steel splashback by MPM