Made To Measure Stainless Steel Worktops

Please NOTE: Made to measure items do not have free delivery.
Delivery charges for made to measure items are shown separately on our quotation.

Made to Measure Stainless Steel Worktops from as little as £270 per linear metre inc VAT

Grade 304 1.2mm thick silicone finish brushed stainless steel bonded onto a moisture resistant MDF core.
Generally all seen edges are folded over then back underneath forming a safety edge.
All corners are welded and re grained.

Options for front edge profiles

Standard Square edge profile
21mm to 60mm thick

From £270 PLM
inc. VAT

Standard Square rear edge Breakfast Bar
21mm to 200mm thick

From £66 PLM
inc. VAT

Standard Square edge profile
61mm to 200mm thick

From £336 PLM
inc. VAT

Options for rear edge profiles

Rear edge integrated up-stand
50mm or 100mm

50m From £78 PLM inc. VAT
100m From £96 PLM inc. VAT

Water fall edge profile
40mm to 60mm thick

From £336 PLM
inc. VAT

Standard unwrapped rear edge


To obtain a quotation for your made to measure worktop either: contact (email) mpm-engineering or telephone: 01582 582811.

Additional options and prices:

To cut a hole for a sink or drainer @ £60 – MPM007
To weld in a Sink or drainer (sink, drainer not included) @ £216 – MPM008
Mechanical corner or straight slot joint @ £78 – MPM009
On site templating available from @ £294 – MPM010
On site installation available from @ £294 – MPM011

Sinks and Drainers
Hand Wash Bowl
Hand Wash Bowl

MPM-260 – 260mm Diameter
MPM-300 – 300mm Diameter
MPM-360 – 360mm Diameter
MPM-380 – 380mm Diameter
MPM-420 – 420mm Diameter

25mm Radius Bowls
25mm Radius Bowls

MPM-110-55  – 550 x 400 x 190 Deep
MPM-110-45  – 450 x 400 x 190 Deep
MPM-603-S    – 500 x 400 x 200 Deep
MPM-602-S    – 400 x 400 x 180 Deep
MPM-110-34  – 340 x 400 x 175 Deep

Half Bowl
MPM-110-16 – 160 x 340 x 130 Deep

Full Depth Half Bowl
MPM-601-S   – 180 x 400 x 145 Deep
MPM-110-20 – 200 x 400 x 150 Deep

15mm Tight Radius Bowl
15mm Tight Radius Bowl

MPM-100-502 – 500 x 400 x 200 Deep
MPM-100-501 – 500 x 400 x 180 Deep
MPM-100-452 – 450 x 400 x 200 Deep
MPM-100-451 – 450 x 400 x 180 Deep
MPM-100-402 – 400 x 400 x 200 Deep
MPM-100-401 – 400 x 400 x 180 Deep
MPM-100-342 – 340 x 400 x 200 Deep
MPM-100-341 – 340 x 400 x 180 Deep

Extra Deep Bowls
Extra Deep Bowls

MPM-100-ED502 – 500 x 400 x 250 Deep
MPM-100-ED402 – 400 x 400 x 250 Deep

Half Bowl

MPM-100-ED315 – 150 x 300 x 150 Deep

Bowls with Drainers
Bowls with Drainers

O/A Size 1000 x 500
Bowl 405 x 400 x 190 Deep

Bowls with Drainers
Bowls with Drainers

O/A Size 1000 x 500
Bowl 390 x 400 x 190 Deep
Bowl 190 x 320 x 160 Deep

Extra Large Bowl
Extra Large Bowl

MPM-604-S – 800 x 420 x 220 Deep


MPM- Sloping drainer

To obtain a quotation for your made to measure worktop either: contact (email) mpm-engineering or telephone: 01582 582811.

Our worktops are manufactured from catering grade 304 austenitic silicone finish brushed stainless steel. The worktops are most commonly backed with a moisture resistant MDF to give added support and easy fixing to the base cupboards. As MPM have achieved FSC accreditation all the timber used within our products comes from sustainable sources. With the latest in welding technology we have the ability of integrating most types of undermount bowls including some with drainers. Please see individual bowl details for sizes. Individual stainless steel worktop lengths are governed by the sheet blank size available which is 3 metres. Our worktops can incorporate drainer grooves or pimples, sunken waterfall areas, built-in upstands along with hob cut outs and slot joints. Please feel free to contact our design team either by email or Tel: 01582 582811 to discuss our made to measure service.

Construction: Manufactured from grade 304 silicone finish brushed stainless steel.

We have considered all aspects of both commercial and domestic stainless steel worktop design when creating our stainless steel kitchen worktops. We offer a free of charge design service working closely with our customers to manufacture stainless steel worktops to fit their individual needs.

Storage of stainless steel worktops: We recommend that the plastic coating protecting the stainless steel must be left intact until installation is completed.

Templating of stainless steel worktops: We offer a full templating service for our stainless steel worktops. Our fitters will visit your premises and produce workable templates which your worktops will be manufactured from. Please ask for templating prices.

Fitting stainless steel worktops: We offer an installation service for our worktops but we do not undertake any plumbing, gas or electrical connections. Please ask for prices. Stainless steel worktops should only be fitted in areas that experience normal cooking ranges of temperature and humidity. Particular care should be taken in newly built areas to ensure a stable atmosphere. All windows/doors should be in place, plasterwork fully dried and major works completed prior to installation.

Cleaning and care for stainless steel worktops: Chlorides such as bleach or common salt and acids of any kind can damage all grades of stainless steel surfaces. If a spillage occurs rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of fresh water and then dry with a soft cloth. Metal objects that may rust should never be left in contact with stainless steel. To maintain the best appearance of your stainless steel worktops, only use warm water and a mild detergent ensuring that the surface is rinsed thoroughly and then dried with a soft cloth.

IMPORTANT: Care should be taken when handling and installing these products. For your safety, we recommend that hands are protected from unfinished edges and corners.